We are proudly offering Pulsevet Equine Shockwave Therapy at our clinic. Shock wave is a noninvasive, high-energy sound wave treatment. It helps the body in relieving pain, speeding healing, and improving the quality of healing.

Shock Wave systems have been proven effective for treating such conditions as:

  • Tendon and ligament injuries (Suspensory/Deep Digital Flexor Tendon)
  • Bone Fractures (stress fractures/splints)
  • OA/Joint inflammation and pain
  • Foot Injuries (Desmitis/Navicular syndrome/Ringbone/Chronic Heel Pain)
  • Wounds
  • Back pain/Kissing spines

Shock wave treatment can help your horse return to work more quickly, has more than a decade of clinical success behind it, and is covered by most equine medical insurance (up to 3 treatments).

MPEH is excited to introduce the latest in regenerative medicine, Pro-Stride.  Pro-Stride (Autologous conditioned plasma) is made from your horse’s own blood, which is processed in a 2 step system that produces a super concentrated solution of anti-inflammatory and healing factors. This super charged solution is then injected directly into the affected joint. It is a safe, drug-free treatment option for arthritis and joint inflammation.
Pro-Stride is a great option for:
  • Young performance horses with inflamed or sore joints. Pro-Stride will help protect the joints from future arthritis without the use of steroids
  • Older horses that may be high risk due to metabolic diseases (such as Cushing’s or Equine Metabolic Syndrome). Pro-Stride is made from the horse’s own blood so there are no systemic effects as can be seen with steroids.
  • Actively competing horses as there is no withdrawal time for USEF and FEI competition.
Pro-Stride offers a safe, convenient, drug-free alternative to traditional steroid joint injections to treat arthritis and joint pain in the equine Athlete. Ask us if Pro-Stride would be a good option for your horse.