Mountain Point Equine Hospital has multiple examination rooms, fully equipped to provide any services your horse may require. We have equine stocks to provide a safe environment for dental procedures, colic evaluations, reproductive procedures, and gastroscopes. We offer a state of the art pharmacy and laboratory that enables to perform a multitude of patient tests in house for immediate results.

Our surgical suite includes the best equipment in the industry to ensure safe and top quality surgical procedures.

We have a state of the art reproducation laboratory that enables us to collect, evaluate and freeze semen. We also provide an array of Embroyo Transfer services including: flushing, implantation, and freezing.

Our 35 stalls are available for any need. These include outside shelters with 24 x 36 runs; 12×12 outside covered stalls; and inside climate controlled stalls varying in size from 14×18, 14×14 and 12×12. All stalls are fully disinfected before your horse enters to maintain strict biosecurity protocols.