Aly Tanner

Front Office

Aly has worked at MPEH for 3 years, she loves learning about horse health and helping clients get amazing care. “I always ask myself, ‘If it were me calling in, how would I like to be treated?’”

In her spare time, Aly enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. She also likes to hang out with her pets: two horses, Clyde and Judy; her two dogs Rocco and Tiny; two rabbits, Spanky and Petey. She is an active member of the AQHA, APHA and the Utah Versatility Ranch Horse Association. Her favorite treats are Jordan Almonds and Diet Mountain Dew. Aly’s favorite quote is from Kara Lawson, “We keep waiting for life to get easier but it doesn’t. We have to learn how to handle hard better. Anything worth doing is hard, don’t get discouraged if it’s not easy, start working on handling hard well.”


Kylie Mines

Front Office

Kylie has worked at MPEH since June of 2022. “I love getting to help, standing in as the tech or getting to see and help treat the hospital horses.” Kylie graduated from SLCC with a degree in general studies. She is an active member of the AQHA and the Rocky Mountain Pro Rodeo Association.

In her free time, she likes to “play cowboy” as she puts it. “I love to ride my horse and compete but every chance I get to go and chase cows, I take!” She has 3 horses: Muzzy, Nader and Reb and 1 dog named T. Her favorite drink is Dr Pepper especially with Raspberry cream. Her best piece of advice is “People aren’t thinking about you the way that you’re thinking about you.”

Neena Bowen

Accounts Receivable

Neena enjoys her horse power in the form of a Razor or a Harley Davidson. She particularly loves working at MPEH during foaling season because she gets to see and interact with all the new foals!